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Tongji-MPAcc program comprises core courses, elective courses and compulsory activities. Students must complete at least 40 credits, which include 20 credits for core courses, 14 credits for elective courses and 6 credits for the compulsory session.


PS: In the compulsory session, each student must participate in outward development once, attend lectures 5 times and finish either a business research or an overseas study tour. Elective courses can be chosen from professional modules and specialized modules.

Categories English names of course
Core Courses Theory & Practice of Socialism
Business English
Managerial Economics
Theory & Practice of Financial Accounting
Theory & Practice of Financial Management
Theory & Practice of Audit
Theory & Practice of Management Accounting
Professional Elective Courses Engineering Finance and Auditing Project Management, Investment and Financing 
Project Cost Management
Economic Responsibility Audit
Management Audit
Theory and Practice of Internal Control
CPA management
Project Planning and Control
Corporate Finance Corporate Strategy and Risk Management
Applied Statistics
Financial Markets and Financial Instruments
International Business and International Settlement
Enterprise Merger and Reorganization
Compulsory activities Lectures
Team Cooperation Plan
Enterprise Research/ Overseas Study Trip
Thesis Proposal