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Commencement of Tongji-Case Western Reserve University MBA/MSM-Finance Double Degree Program & Financial Forum Successfully Held
date: 2013-12-24

 On the morning of December 15th, 2013, the first commencement of Tongji-Case Western Reserve University MBA/MSM-Finance Double Degree Program & Financial Forum was successfully held in 301 lecture hall, Tongji Building Block A. Students from Malaysia, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai all came together to celebrate the significant moment. Dean of Economics and Management (SEM), Tongji University, Prof. JIN Fuan, Deputy Dean of SEM, Prof. CHEN Song, Deputy Dean of SEM, Prof. HAN Chuanfeng, Vice Dean of Weatherhead Management School-CWRU, Prof. Fred Collopy, Assistant Dean – Career and Student Services of Weatherhead, CWRU, Ms. Meenakshi Sharma, Directors of Double Degree Program, Prof. Anurag Gupta and Dr. LI Yibin, presented the commencement. All students of the Double Degree Program, medias also presented, and deliver their congratulations to the graduates.
   Prof. CHEN Song gave congratulatory words to the graduated students on behalf of SEM. He said, this year, the construction of Shanghai FTA are getting out of a long list of personnel needs, including offshore software outsourcing, telecommunications services and other modern service outsourcing industry, graduates will usher in a new development opportunities. He expressed his hope that never stop learning pace, and always apply the knowledge in innovative ways. Faculties also sent their blessings and expectation through video. Alumnus of CWRU, head of risk management department, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities, Mr. HU Xiaorong, gave speech on the commencement. Dr. LI Yibin and Prof. Anurag Gupta summrized the program from contact, establishment, enrollment, teaching, until the frist batch of students get graduate, and expressed gratitude to all the people who provided support to the program.
   XIANG Shuoqi was awarded as Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai. YANG Xiaorong and LIU Lin were awarded as Outstanding Graduate of Tongji University. YANG Shengdong was appointed as contact of 2013 Case Double Degree Program alumni. XIANG Shuoqi gave speech as student representative. He used three key words to describe the two-year study: risk and return, SWOT analysis, and non-business. He said, the Doubel Degree Program is an innovated program, and also big challenge to students, faculties and two universities. The fact indicated that it is a successful attempt. Students learned new knowledge in two years, and deepen their understandings to industry environment through exchange with classmates with different backgrounds, furthermore, sincere friendship were harvested during campus life.
   Certificate awarded ceremony was held by the end. Students were dressed in academic dresses, and toke pictures with their mentors.